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The EAAE 2023 conference will be held in Torino, at the School of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino. The School is located inside the Valentino Castle, in front of the River Po, in San Salvario neighborhood, close to the city centre and Porta Nuova railway station.

Torino, set against the Alps, built on River Po by the Romans, home to nobles for centuries, a metropolitan city with a melting pot of cultures.

The first capital of Italy, Torino has a remarkable ancient and modern history; the Royal Residences, the palaces and museums, the industrial heritage, the parks and tree-lined avenues, the river and the mountains, the historic restaurants and cafes, the long arcaded streets and the multiethnic neighborhoods, coexist in a harmonious balance among the rational Roman urban planning, the moderate splendor of the Piemonte baroque and the originality of modern and contemporary architecture. After hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2006, Torino transformed its face from an industrial hub into a contemporary cultural centre.

Well connected to Europe, Turin is linked by air or train to around 100 destinations via Caselle International Airport and the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa international railway stations. Moreover, the International airport of Milan Malpensa connects 200 destinations worldwide and is easily reachable from Turin by train, bus, and shuttle.

Established in 1859, the Politecnico di Torino is Italy’s oldest technical university. It offers 53 degree programmes, 23 educational paths taught entirely in English, and 16 PhD programmes, including 5 in cooperation with other universities and research centres in Engineering, Architecture, and Industrial Design. It offers opportunities for over 38.000 students from 115 countries.

The Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) is the leading branch of architectural studies of the Turin Polytechnic, focusing on the art and science of design, architectural and urban buildings, and product and cultural heritage design. The department offers Bachelor’s Program in Architecture, Design and communication, Sustainable Design and food systems, and Master’s degrees in Architecture Construction-City, Architecture for heritage, Architecture for sustainability, and Systemic Design. The Faculty building offers all the facilities for conferences and exhibitions in a vibrant cultural and historical environment.

The Valentino Castle stands in Valentino Park on the banks of the River Po. The first origins of the building date back to the 16th century, but its current appearance is mainly due to the interventions ordered by Duchess Cristina of France in 1620. Valentino castle had various uses over the centuries before being taken over by the Faculty of Architecture of Torino Polytechnic and extended on the Southside with new lecture halls, libraries, and laboratories for students. Nowadays, the castle still retains many 17th-century frescoes. Among the most exciting rooms to see is the Moncalieri flat with the Central Hall, the Zodiac Room, the Green Room, the Valentino Room, the Rose Room, the Cabinet of Flowers, and the Lily and the Hunting Room. The Valentino Castle has been included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage since 1997, as well in the set «Le Residenze sabaude» (The Savoy residences).

Accomodation & Hotels

San Salvario (Neighbourhood of the Conference)

Du Parc Contemporary suites 
(4 stars)
21, Corso Massimo d’Azeglio – 10126 Torino. 
Tel. +39 011 0120000
Best Western Hotel Genio (3 stars)47, corso Vittorio Emanuele II – 10125 Torino.Tel. +39 011 650 5771
Tomato Backpackers (2 stars)11, via Silvio Pellico – 10125 Torino. Tel. +39 011 020 9400

Borgo Po (Close to city centre and Conference Venue)

Opera35 Hotel/Studio 35, Via della Rocca – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 088 1135

City Centre

Hotel Victoria Torino (4 stars) 4, via Nino Costa – 10123 Torino. Tel, +39 011 561 1909
Hotel Concord Torino (4 stars)47, via Lagrange – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 517 6756
Combo Torino Hostel (3 stars)
close to City Central Market
128, corso Regina Margherita – 10152 Torino.
Tel. +39 011 088 8210


San Salvario (Neighbourhood of the Conference)

L’angolo di Parin (lunch, dinner)29, via Galliari – 10125 Torino. Tel. +39 011 669 2040
Scannabue (lunch, dinner)25, largo Saluzzo – 10125 Torino. Tel. +39 011 669 6693
La Fucina Ristorantino (lunch, dinner)86/F, via Madama Cristina – 10126 Torino. Tel. +39 339 636 4377

City Centre

Le Vitel Etonné (dinner)4, via San Francesco da Paola – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 812 4621
Ristorante Del Cambio (lunch, dinner)2, piazza Carignano – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 546690
L’Acino (dinner)2/A, via San Domenico – 10122 Torino. Tel. +39 345 139 2770
Tre Galli (lunch, dinner)25, via Sant’Agostino – 10122 Torino. Tel. +39 011 521 6027


Caffè Baratti & Milano (aperitif)27, piazza Castello – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 440 7138
Pastis (aperitif, after dinner)9, piazza Emanuele Filiberto – 10122 Torino. Tel. +39 011 521 1085
La Farmacia del Cambio (aperitif)2, piazza Carignano – 10123 Torino. Tel. +39 011 1921 1250
Gørilla (aperitif/after dinner)20/F, via Galliari – 10125 Torino. Tel. +39 011 276 8532
La Drogheria (aperitif/after dinner)18/D, piazza Vittorio Veneto – 10123 Torino Tel. +39 011 812 2414