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Oya Atalay Franck, President of EAAE
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Welcome from the President

The Council of EAAE invites you to join us in the beautiful city of Turin for the 2023 Annual Conference and General Assembly, hosted by Politecnico di Torino

We are all overwhelmed with the enormous frequency and power of the many challenges that we are confronted with, in this time called by some the “anthropocene” – the geochronical era in which humans have become one of the most important factors influencing biological, geological, and atmospheric processes on Earth. Climate change continuing – it seems – unhindered, the Corona pandemic not yet fully overcome (and new pandemics possibly at the doorstep), biodiversity endangered, war and natural disasters, uncanny developments in artificial intelligence with great significance also for the scientific production of knowledge: all these “wicked problems” require immediate solution and powerful action. That is where we stand: in a sliding, rising, sinking, shaking, moving sociocultural landscape.

We, the schools of architecture, planning and design, must prepare our students and through them society for embracing these challenges and many more with competence and determination, researching and designing to bring an immediate as well as a sustained impact for a better living environment. Let’s share all our insights and develop new paths together! What is the core education of architecture, design and urbanism, and interdisciplinarity today and tomorrow? I am very much looking forward to our annual gathering and discussing these important questions with you!

Prof. Dr. Oya Atalay Franck

President EAAE

Dean ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Cvil Engineering