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IMPACT OF ARCHITECTURE(S). Speculating beyond the academic

In the framework of the EAAE Annual Conference 2023, which investigates the different ways of teaching, researching and practising architecture(s), PhD candidates are called to participate in the EAAE 23 PhD Workshop, IMPACT OF ARCHITECTURE(S). Speculating beyond the academic. The workshop will reflect on the research’s impact on architectural studies.

The notions about this topic are vague, and the impact definition of PhD research in architecture is challenging. Therefore, a trial was to ask Artificial Intelligence to explain the impact of architectural PhD research.

EAAE23 (WS Organizing team): Hi, how would you define or describe the impact of a PhD research in architecture studies?

Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT): A PhD research in architecture studies can have a significant impact on the field in a variety of ways. Here are some possible impacts:

Advancement of knowledge: A PhD research in architecture studies can contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. It can help to fill gaps in existing knowledge, challenge existing assumptions and theories, and generate new insights and perspectives.
Development of new methods and techniques: A PhD research in architecture studies can lead to the development of new methods and techniques for studying architecture. These new approaches can help to improve the accuracy and validity of research findings and provide new tools for researchers in the field.
Influence on practice: A PhD research in architecture studies can also have an impact on practice. It can help to inform design decisions and provide evidence-based solutions to problems faced by architects and designers. It can also help to shape policy and regulation in the field.
Contribution to public discourse: A PhD research in architecture studies can contribute to public discourse on architecture and related topics. It can help to raise awareness of important issues and promote discussion and debate among stakeholders.
Inspiration for future research: Finally, a PhD research in architecture studies can inspire future research in the field. It can serve as a foundation for further investigation and exploration and help to guide the direction of future research in the field.

The answer seems generic and abstract, leaving many unanswered questions. What is the actual impact architecture PhD students dream of? How should we evaluate the wide scope of this desired impact on our PhD work? What does it mean to be ‘scientifically relevant’? How would you prefer your impact to be evaluated? Is there an impact on our research? Which kind of impact? Can we measure it? Should we evaluate our research only for the impact? How do we contribute to the advancement of knowledge?

The EAAE 23 PhD Workshop will encourage discussion around these questions. To participate, we ask PhD candidates to outline the potential impact in architectural studies, having as base the specific expected impact of their PhD research. Then, asking a more specific question to chatGPT (or some other AI chat), we would like to hear how the dialogue goes. The contribution to be part of the EAAE 23 PhD Workshop will be a 1500-character text that comments on the outcomes of the interaction with AI chat.

Submit the contribution

In response to the topics, we encourage PhD candidates to submit their contributions and continue discussing the impact on architectural studies during the EAAE 23 PhD Workshop.

All PhD candidates are welcome to submit contributions, not exclusively from EAAE member schools.

The proposal should contain the title, authors’ names, institutions or related offices, the ChatGPT report and a 1500-character text (including spaces). The text must be written in English, sending an email (subject: PHD WORKSHOP SUBMISSION) to The deadline for submission is the 30th of April 15th of May, 2023, before 23:59 CEST. No bibliographic references are required.

The selected contributions will be discussed during the workshop. The workshop outcomes will be published in Springer as a part of the conference proceedings.

In case of acceptance, the full PhD candidates’ conference registration is required to participate.

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Organizing team:
Rossella Gugliotta
Martina Crapolicchio
Andrea Čeko
Hanne Van Reusel